Google Analytics – Find your way around

Everyone knows you should be tracking and actively monitoring your Analytics account as much as possible, but what is a bunch of numbers if you don’t really understand what they mean? This isn’t exactly the post that’s going to cover all of that and turn you into an Analytics expert, but it’s where you start. If you want to certify yourself in Google Analytics, you can read more about the course in this article

The 70/20/10 Marketing Principle

Ever heard of the 70/20/10 Marketing principle? Maybe you know it as the 70/20/10 principle for innovation? No. Let’s dive right in. First, let’s look at where this principle (most likely) was derived from. The 70.20.10 learning and development formula is famous and was developed by someone named Morgan McCall alongside the Centre for Creative

10 Common SEO Terms you should know

When we used to do all our reading by getting books from the library, we followed the Dewy Decimal System to find what we were looking for. This system is used to classify books in their shelf locations by subject. Search engine optimisation is what Dewy Decimal System is to the internet, it’s a practice