You’re probably wondering why I’d call this blog Not The Boss and what it’s all about..

Well, like many passion projects the idea was formed many years ago when I first started working in the digital marketing space.

I found myself in a digital transformation consultancy, dealing with amazing C-level clients, exceptional subject matter experts (who had already forgotten what I was trying to learn), and really smart people who ended up being great mentors and eventually friends.

Working in this space meant I was faced with a high-paced environment where everyone seemed to be speaking a language I had yet to learn. Yes, I had an honours level education, but nothing beats experience and the knowledge real-world trial and error bring to the table. I found myself furiously Googling acronyms and concepts that made my head spin, with a real hunger to learn – but most of it just went over my head.

Why? Well, it’s really hard for smart people, to dumb down their ideas to explain to layman folk like me. Luckily I have a super enormous amount of perseverance and thick skin which helped me get some of these people to help me learn. (Some of this I had to force though – I’ll be sure to write a post about this in the future)

Lots of patience (and frustration) on both sides and hours of extra self study made me want to create a space where I could pass the baton and do the same, but on a larger scale. A place where anyone could put their hand up and have anything explained to them (as if you were explaining it to your mom).

I really hope you find value here and I would love to connect and hear your thoughts.

Feel free to pop me an email hello@nottheboss.co.za or connect via social.