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Of course you can: Yoast Beginners SEO course

by Pauline
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While we’re all self-isolation and social distancing in this time of crisis. I thought it would be good to re-invigorate the series about free courses you can do to upskill yourself. A really great one I’ve found is part of Yoast Academy’s courses and although there are quite a few paid courses on offer I thought it may be a good idea to just dip my toes in the water and start with their Beginner’s course in SEO. 

This course is completely free.

I found this course quite challenging which was nice. Largely due to the question format offering multiple questions.

To recap about the Of Course you can Blog Series, these post will always cover: 

  • How you sign up for the course
  • Course content and new skills
  • Course format
  • What you can expect from the final exam
  • How each course can benefit you

How do you sign up for the course?

Signing up for this course is super simple. All you need to do is go to https://academy.yoast.com/courses/seo-for-beginners/ and register.

And you’re now ready to start!

Course content and new skills

As someone who is more familiar with SEO practices I think this course would be fantastic for anyone starting out. The course provides a great understanding of what impacts and influences your organic rankings.

Lesson Structure:

  1. Introduction to SEO
  2. Keyword Research
  3. SEO Copywriting
  4. Site Structure
  5. Technical SEO
  6. Off-page SEO
  7. UX and Conversion

Course format

The course is presented with a mix of video and readers that you can download, with mini-tests that you complete after each lesson. Basic concepts are explained in the lessons and interactive (largely case study based) quizzes are required after each lesson to test your knowledge and understanding of what has been covered. 

The readers are a great resource you can keep and refer back to in the future and they contain a lot of links sto other useful tools to help you optimise your site.

What you can expect from the final exam?

There is no final exam. Once you have systematically worked through all the course content and completed all the mini-quizzes you will be certified.

How will this course benefit you?

  • Get an understanding of SEO as a whole
  • Understand how SEO works in conjunction with other digital marketing disciplines
  • Get the basics right for your own website and start implementing practical changes that could help your organic rankings
  • Add this certificate to your LinkedIn profile to show off your new skill

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