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5 Tips for how to pick the perfect WordPress Theme

by Pauline
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Congratulations on taking the first step to world domination! Okay perhaps that’s putting a bit too much pressure on you, but I’m here to help if that’s the goal. Finding the right theme when setting up your own website can be extremely daunting. Having gone through this myself, the multitude of options can feel overwhelming.

Below I will give you 5 tips on how to pick the perfect WordPress theme to help you find your way. Keep in mind when making your choice that nothing is ever set in stone and you can always change your theme at a later stage. Try to be open-minded when looking for a theme as you may have a specific idea in mind that doesn’t really look that great when you apply it.

Tip 1: What are your must have elements on the site?

Decide what the must have elements are that you want on your site. Do you want a big sliding carousel? Or do you need an ecommerce site? Writing down all the elements that you think you may need is a great place to start when looking for a theme. Keep your goals in mind when you are looking at these elements and ask yourself if the elements you want are helping you reach these goals.

Tip 2: What would your end user need to have, to have a great experience?

Keeping your website visitor in mind when looking for a theme is a great way to ensure that you don’t forget why you are building your site. Small touches such as search bars within the site as well as great well thought through navigation will make it much easier for visitors to interact with your site.

Tip 3: What look are you going for? What does your brand represent?

It’s important to see your website as an extension of your brand and as such choose something that will showcase your brand in the best light. When I was looking for a theme, I knew I wanted a theme that had a clean and minimalist look. This helped me when searching for sites as I had a defined aesthetic in mind.
Of course there are many other design styles to consider. A few keywords you might want to use, when doing your research:

  • Minimalist
  • News Style
  • Shop
  • Quirky
  • Vintage/Retro

Tip 4: Try before you buy

There are tons of free themes out there as well as premium (paid for) themes that you can choose from. The first thing I did when I set up the WordPress environment was to set up a Coming soon page so I could work on my site without anyone stumbling on it mid-construction.

Then I started trying out different themes. I downloaded so many themes, I lost count, but it really helped me figure out what I wanted and what I was looking for. Once I had settle on a theme, I used the free version of the theme and added some content after which I bought the paid for version of the theme (The theme used for this site here).

Trying various themes gives you the opportunity to see how your content will fit within the themes confines. Something to think about is your WordPress proficiency as well. If you are a beginner you can find a lot of information on set up your theme as you go, but you may want some extra support which a lot of the premium themes have as a standard feature.

Tip 5: Continue Improving

“You’re never stuck in life” this is a mantra I love to follow in everything I do. And it applies to themes too. Once you’ve picked a theme you can make changes as you go along. Plugins are a great way to customise your pages. I’d recommend Elementor as it’s really easy to use with its drag and drop functionality to get those pages looking exactly the way you want. Do some testing as you move forward to ensure your site is reaching your objectives.

Final thoughts:

Don’t get too stuck while trying to find perfection. It can cause you to procrastinate and delay the process of getting your website up. Remember that you can build on a strong foundation and go from there.

Good luck with your search for the perfect them and let me know in the comments below what your favourite themes are or visit Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for more from Not The Boss.

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