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Of course you can: Learn more about digital marketing

by Pauline
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Google Fundamentals of Digital Marketing.

Whether you are trying to bolster your CV, upskill yourself or broaden your horizons, it can be difficult to decide what courses are worthwhile to explore.

I love online courses, as I am a bit of a busybody, and often will have course content blaring in my ears while working instead of music. A big barrier to learning can often be the costs involved, so I have decided to focus on free courses that I have completed.

This blog will be part of a blog series that will cover: 

  • How do you sign up for the course?
  • Course content and new skills
  • Course format
  • What you can expect from the final exam
  • How each of these courses can benefit you

To kick-off, we will take a look at Google’s Digital Skills for Africa.

How do you sign up for the course?

Go to https://learndigital.withgoogle.com/digitalskills/course/digital-marketing

Click the Start Course button

You will see two options on how to register via Gmail or via an email address.

You are now registered to start the course. As simple as that.

Course content and new skills

The Fundamentals of digital marketing course is a great intro to the digital marketing world and has 26 modules. 

Here are a few of the module names to give you an idea of what is covered:

  • The online opportunity
  • Build your web presence
  • Get started with search
  • Deep dive into social media

You will learn skills across Social Media, SEO, Video, Web optimisation, Mobile, Local Marketing, E-commerce, Display, Email Marketing, Business Strategy, Content Marketing, SEM as well as Analytics and Data insights.

Course format

The course is presented as video tutorials and is structured as follows:

26 modules are covered. Each of the modules contains a certain number of video lessons within the modules. Modules are structured in varying time increments from 15 mins to 55 mins and the entire course will take you 40 hours to complete. This may sound daunting but the way the course is structured makes the lessons easy to digest and run through.

What you can expect from the final exam?

There are 40 questions on the final exam. While completing your course modules you will test the knowledge gained through a quick test at the end of each module which will fully prepare you for the exam questions.

Once you have been certified, you can download your certificate or/and add it to your LinkedIn profile.

How will this course benefit you?

According to the Google Digital Skills site, this course has 3 benefits:

  • Improve your CV
  • Find a job
  • Grow your career

Personally, I think, this course offers you the opportunity to get a FREE Google, IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau), and Open University endorsed certificate while enhancing your understanding of how digital marketing works as a whole.

I think this is a great course for young and old and would recommend this course as a starting point for greater digital understanding. If you are a digital marketing professional, you may not particularly enjoy it. With no prerequisites or age limits to starting the course, I would definitely recommend this course for any students in school wanting to learn more about the digital marketing field. Doing the course may help them decide which digital marketing area they would like to focus their energy on after completing high-school. 

The course content is great and personally what kept me motivated during the course, was the ability to unlock badges as I went through the modules and completed the quick assessments. 

The video tutorials were well presented and gave enough real-life examples (as is usual for any Google- course) which made it easy to grasp and remember the concepts discussed.

Let me know if you decide to tackle this course in the comments below or visit Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for more from Not The Boss.

Images: Pexels and Google Academy/Skillshop

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