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Book Review: The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F%ck

by Pauline
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TitleThe Subtle Art of Not Giving A F%ck
SubtitleA counterintuitive approach to living a good life
AuthorMark Manson
In his own words: “I write about big ideas and give life advice that doesn’t suck. Some people say I’m an idiot. Other people say I saved their life. Read and decide for yourself.”
Author Websitehttps://markmanson.net/

This is one of those books that are kind of hard to ignore. If the bright orange cover didn’t get your attention the title is sure to. I’m a big fan of freedom of expression and saying whatever the f%ck you like but I found myself wondering if one really needed the barrage of expletives in the first three chapters. That aside the book really grabbed my attention and I managed to finish it in two sittings which in my view makes it a great read for those on the go.

Let’s say the obvious, this book is not subtle or for the fainthearted. If you can’t deal with upfront harsh truths, move along. The book could have been titled: “Everything self-help books preach is wrong” or “You care too much about things that don’t matter” even at a stretch I’d have named it “Get over yourself”

Manson writes; instead of preaching and his conversational way to illustrate his points really resonated with me. It’s a real thought starter and I found as I read I wanted to re-read some parts to make sure they really stuck.

If you need some real hard-hitting advice or guidance about figuring out what is really important. Read this book.

If that’s not enough to convince you, take it from the man himself:

“The key to a good life is not giving a f%ck about more; it’s giving a f%ck about less, giving a fuck about only what is true and immediate and important”

Mark Manson

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