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5 Hacks when using your Mac

by Pauline
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If you’re a big fan of Apple products (like I am) then this post is for you. If not, perhaps skip to a different article.

Even though I had a recent hard drive malfunction, I really enjoy the charm that all my Apple products bring, being super easy to use (Once you also stop trying to close every window on the right-hand side).

Regardless, I’ve put together a few tips and tricks for Mac users (old and new):

1. How to make a Euro Symbol (€)

If you’re like me and need to use the euro symbol quite a bit for work purposes the following shortcut may be life-changing. Press Alt + Shift + 2 and Voila €. This was a recent discovery and really helped me a lot. It is important to note that you do need to have a US keyboard set up and not a British one. 

2. Flip the scroll direction

Something that really trips people out when they first start using a Mac is the scroll direction. By default when you move two fingers down your Apple laptop trackpad, your view travels down the document or site. I’ve flipped mine, opting for a Natural scroll direction. 

To do this you: Open System Preferences > Click on Trackpad > Under Scroll & Zoom tick the box marked Scroll direction: Natural.

Settings screen

3. How to take a screenshot:

Probably one of my favourite features (Bye Bye old school Snipping Tool). There are quite a few ways to take a screenshot with your Mac. It is important to note that screenshots save to your desktop by default. Let’s jump right in. 

    • Press CMD + SHIFT + 4
    • This is by far my favourite most used way to take a screenshot, which allows you to select a certain area that you would like to screenshot.
    • Press CMD + SHIFT + 3
    • Press CMD + SHIFT + 5
    • This will open a selection area which will allow you to screenshot the entire screen, a window or a selection of your screen.
    • You can choose where to save your screenshot.
    • You can choose a delay function (which may be useful when items disappear after a while – think rolling carousels or animations).

4. Rename a large number of files:

Perhaps you have a large collection of photos that you would like to rename by their event name, or anything else, wouldn’t it be great if you could organise them all at once? With a Mac this is possible. 

Simply select all the files you need to rename and right-click on them, click Rename. You will see a screen as follows.

You can now enter Shutterstock in the example above and make it NotTheBoss_Bday_Party.

Then click the Rename button. Voila.

5. Need The Ctrl + Alt + Delete Function on Mac?

Everyone has at some point of their computer journey had to use the CTRL+ALT+DLT button to close applications in their Windows-based computer. Mac has the same function where you can force quit certain applications.

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Navigate to the Apple icon and click on the Force Quit option.
  2. Press CMD + ALT + ESC buttons on your Mac and the Force Quit tab will pop up.

Tried any of these hacks on your Mac, or know any that I should include?

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Images: Not The Boss and Canva

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